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Eco-friendly Walking & Cycling Holidays in Wales

Our walking and cycling tours are a sustainable, green holiday choice. Social and environmental sustainability are at the heart of our philosophy here at Drover Holidays and our tours offer responsible travel without compromising on your comfort or enjoyment!

So, why is a Drover Holidays tour of Wales a great choice for the ethical traveller?

Minimising environmental impact

Walking and cycling are incredibly efficient, eco-friendly modes of transport - no emissions and a tiny carbon footprint. A week-long cycling holiday or a long-distance hike through Wales is a much more ecological option than a long-haul flight or a petrol-powered tour. All our routes are designed to be accessible by public transport, and complimentary transfers from the nearest rail or bus station are included in the tour price. We work with organisations like Sustrans, the UK's sustainable transport charity and guardian of the National Cycle Network, to support and promote greener transport options.

Boosting local economies

Most of our suppliers are small, local businesses and your journey through Wales makes a real difference to rural economies which rely on tourism. Since Drover Holidays is based in Wales, your money stays in the local economy too - creating jobs for local people and bringing economic benefit to the area.

Protecting our heritage

Our walks and bike rides bring you face-to-face with some truly wonderful historic buildings, archaeological sites and modern masterpieces. Wales has a rich cultural heritage and at Drover Holidays we're committed to protecting and celebrating it all - from Cistercian monasteries to medieval halls, tiny chapels to immense bridges. These physical structures, together with the welsh language, are the features that make Wales unique. By visiting them on one of our tours you'll be making a positive contribution to the conservation of our cultural heritage

Encouraging encounters

In our busy world there often seems little time for conversation and real contact with the people we meet. Our tours are different - we think your memories of the characters you meet along the way will far outlast the impact of the landscape or your photographs! By using local guides, bed and breakfast accommodation and other services we believe you will have a more enjoyable experience and make more meaningful connections with local people, fostering greater understanding between regions and nations

Whether you are looking for a green family holiday with a difference or an adventure holiday without the carbon footprint, we have an eco-friendly tour for you. Why not have a look at our full range of eco-friendly cycling holidays and green walking holidays, or contact us for more information?

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